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Foundation T-Shirt Quilt Raffle

Win a beautiful handmade quilt for just $1 at the Annual Conference

The NIRSA Foundation is pleased to announce that we have for raffle our beautiful hand-stitched T-Shirt Quilt. The quilt’s panels feature 20 award-winning T-shirts from our 2006 T-Shirt competition, and was designed by Jacqueline Hamilton from Texas A&M - Corpus Christi.

The quilt will be on display throughout the Annual Conference at the NIRSA Foundation Table, in the Expo, and at other conference events.

Why a raffle, not an auction?

Minnesota statutes allow us to hold a raffle instead of an auction. We rarely have been afforded this opportunity at previous venues. Though we enjoy auctions, a raffle provides us with a unique opportunity to raise funds for the Foundation while making the possibility of winning the quilt more accessible to everyone.

Where do the raffle proceeds go?

The raffle is just one of several fundraising initiatives the Foundation conducts at the Annual Conference and throughout the year to benefit the $1 Million Milestone Campaign. Our goal is to generate at least $1,200 from this raffle. This initiative alone could fund four student scholarships at the 2008 Annual Conference in Austin! Join in the fun and enter the raffle.

When will the drawing be conducted?

The drawing will occur during the NIRSA Foundation report at the Annual Business Meeting on Friday, April 20.

How can I participate?

There are two ways to participate in the raffle.

  • Raffle Ticket Sales: Raffle tickets will be available for purchase throughout the conference up until the Annual Business Meeting (Friday, April 20). Tickets can be purchased at the NIRSA Foundation Table, from any Foundation Board member and from our 2007 NIRSA Foundation student scholarship winners.
  • Foundation Contributions: Every individual who contributes $25 or more during the conference at the NIRSA Foundation’s $1 Million Milestone Campaign will be given a complimentary raffle ticket for a chance to win the quilt. 

What is the cost for raffle tickets?

  • $1 per ticket
  • $5 for six (6) tickets
  • $10 for fifteen (15) tickets

How were the shirts selected for the quilt?

The 20 shirts that make up this quilt were chosen from the 2006 T-Shirt Award winners. The quilt includes the 9 first-place finishers and 11 other top finalists. A custom-made border puts the finishing touch on this one-of-a-kind piece of art.

If you would like to see your program’s shirt in a future quilt, you have to enter it in our T-Shirt & Apparel Contest. Winners from this year’s contest will appear in the 2008 T-Shirt Quilt.

Do I have to be present to win?

While we hope everyone will be able to attend the Annual Business Meeting, we know it is not always possible. The raffle winner does not have to be present to win. All tickets should have your identifier (name and contact) on it and we will contact the winner to arrange delivery.

I cannot attend the Annual Conference; can I still participate?

We are researching options for individuals who want to participate in the Quilt Raffle but are unable to attend the Annual Conference. The easiest method would be to ask a NIRSA colleague who IS attending to purchase your tickets while at the conference. If that is not possible, contact Bill Crockett (Quilt Raffle Liaison) for other alternatives. You can reach Bill at 410-706-5743 or email.
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