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 May/June 2008 • NIRSA news and information
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New flag football online training materials now available

Four-hour online course is convenient and cost-effective

The job of training your flag football officials just got a whole lot easier! The new NIRSA Officiating Flag Football online course provides your referees with the anytime, anywhere convenience of online learning, and will save you valuable time when conducting officials’ training clinics.

Developed in conjunction with Human Kinetics and the 2006-07 and 2007-08 NIRSA Flag Football Committees, this course is ideal for your new recruits and those with little flag football officiating experience. Included are units focusing on understanding the basic rules of flag football, performing officiating mechanics and signaling and enforcing penalties, and working in two-, three-, and four-person crews. Students will also learn officiating responsibilities, including pre-game and game-time procedures and enforcement of safety and equipment rules. Perhaps more importantly, the course goes beyond the hows of officiating to the whys by exploring such topics as developing an officiating philosophy, improving communication and decision-making skills, and managing conflict.

The course is delivered entirely online, complete with excerpts from the 2007-08 NIRSA Flag & Touch Football Rules Book and Officials’ Manual and Successful Sports Officiating delivered in PDF format that students can download and print. The course also features video vignettes, Flash activities, interactive exercises and quizzes, various pre- and post-game forms and checklists, and links to other web-based officiating resources, creating an engaging interactive online learning experience. At the end of the estimated 4-hour course, participants will take the NIRSA Level 1 exam to complete their training.

Course Administrators (limited to one person from a campus who will be overseeing the training of the intramural FFB officials) can request complimentary access to the course as a reviewer. Reviewers will have access to the course and test, but will not be able to earn a certificate of completion. To request a complimentary review of the course, please visit the NIRSA Education & Publication Center. Get familiar with the course progression and how it instructs and tests the students so that you can plan how you will implement the course into your existing FFB training clinic.

The course will work like this: A course administrator will purchase one course for each student who wishes to take it. The administrator will be provided with a list of keycodes for each purchased course, which will be assigned to students. Once the keycode is activated by the student, they will have one year to access the course. The estimated 4-hour course concludes with a 134-question exam, and students gaining an 80% or better will receive a certificate of completion. The course administrator will be able to monitor whether or not their students have passed the exam, or require their students to email a copy of the certification of completion.

Course pricing

  • 1-9 courses: $25/course (Institutional Members receive a 15% discount)
  • 10-24 courses: 50% discount for a reduced price of $12.50/course
  • 25-34 courses: 55% discount for a reduced price of $11.25/course
  • 35+ courses: 60% discount for a reduced price of $10/course

To purchase one copy of the course, click here.

To purchase bulk quantities of the course (2 or more), click here.

Course keycodes can be returned within 30 days of purchase if they have not been accessed by a student.

The majority of the rulebook is available in pdf format throughout the online course, but many FFB Clinicians prefer that their officials have their own copy of the rulebook. So an additional pricing option is available to purchase the course bundled with the 2007-2008 NIRSA Flag & Touch Football Rule Book & Officials’ Manual.

The PowerPoint presentation on the online FFB course that was presented at the 2008 NIRSA Annual Conference is also available for viewing.

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