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NIRSA leadership opportunities: Committees, Foundation and NSC Boards, and more

Make a resolution to get involved with NIRSA at the leadership level

Do you like to think critically, develop new processes, and guide directions? Do you want to become involved with NIRSA at a higher level? If so, consider applying for one of these exciting NIRSA leadership opportunities. Unless otherwise noted, the deadline for each is January 15, 2008.

2008-2009 Committees and Work Teams

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Chairs and members are needed for approximately 30 committees and work teams.

Vicki Highstreet, President-elect, 402-472-4771 or

Active members who are committed to making a difference with their great ideas at a national level are encouraged to apply to the 2008-2009 NIRSA Committees and Work Teams by January 11, 2008. Rank your preference for up to three areas you wish to be involved in.

NIRSA Foundation

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There are three positions open on the NIRSA Foundation Board. Two are for three years and one is for one year.

Beau Rugg, Foundation Board Chair, 614-292-7994 or

The NIRSA Foundation is a not-for-profit organization that provides opportunities through professional development, research, scholarships, and educational resources.

The NIRSA Foundation, in cooperation with NIRSA, is dedicated to enhancing the future effectiveness of the collegiate recreational sports community and to maximizing that community's impact on society.

The Foundation Board is responsible for management of the student and professional scholarship selection process, the t-shirt competition and quilt sale at the Annual Conference, selection of the Recreational Sports Journal Editor-in-Chief, fundraising campaigns, and the golf tournament at the Annual Conference.

NIRSA Services Corporation (NSC)

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There are two positions open, each for a three-year term, on the NIRSA Services Corporation Board.

Eric Nickel, NSC Board President, 540-568-8702 or

To help protect the non-profit status of NIRSA, the NSC oversees and manages the revenues and appropriate tax payments regarding unrelated business income from NIRSA sponsored or endorsed programs, and the sale of products with an advertising component.

The NSC manages the following programs for NIRSA:

  • NIRSA Health & Wellness Passport program, presented by Matrix
  • American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM)
  • NIRSA Insurance (Summit America Insurance Services)
  • TUN, The University Network
  • National Campus Championship Series (NCCS)
    • National Collegiate Golf Championship
    • NIRSA Collegiate Volleyball Sport Club Championships
    • NIRSA Collegiate Soccer Sport Club Championships
    • NIRSA Regional and National Intramural Basketball Championships
    • NIRSA Regional and National Flag Football Championships
    • USTA National Campus Championship
    • "Tennis on Campus" program, sponsored by the United States Tennis Association

National School of Recreational Sports Management

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There are two positions open for the NSRSM faculty, each for a three-year term.

Nancy Chrystal-Green 352-846-1081 x 228 or

The NSRSM faculty brings decades of collective experience in managing recreational sports programs. Each faculty member shares a unique perspective on how to address the industry challenges faced by new professionals. Each year, two NIRSA Members are appointed to the six-member faculty to serve a three-year commitment.

2010 Annual Conference Program Committee Chair

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Carole Hobrock, 541-766-8211 or

One position is open. This individual will serve as chair-elect in 2008-2009, as chair in 2009-2010, and as consultant in 2010-2011. This three-year leadership role is critical to a successful Annual Conference.

Recreational Sports Journal (RSJ)

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Due to the expansion of the RSJ Editorial Board, several positions, each for a three-year term, are open.

Paul Milton, RSJ Editor, 419-207-6165 or

Produced by the NIRSA Foundation, the Recreational Sports Journal (RSJ) is the scholarly publication of NIRSA. It features top-quality research and scholarly articles to provide a source of empirical, theoretical, and applied research to the field of recreational sports.

Topics of interest in the Recreational Sports Journal include, but are not limited to: leadership, student development, programming, facility management and design, legal issues, personnel management and supervision, assessment, sponsorship, fundraising, marketing, and organizational development.

National Research Institute for College Recreational Sports and Wellness

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One position for a two-year term is open on the NIRSA Advisory Board to the Research Institute.

Mary Callender, NNC Liaison, 541-766-8211

The Institute Advisory Board is made up of six members that represent NIRSA and seven members from The Ohio State University. Appointments to the NIRSA Advisory Board are made by the NIRSA President.

The mission of the National Research Institute for College Recreational Sports & Wellness is to foster and facilitate interdisciplinary and collaborative research, provide educational research services, and to develop data sharing processes directed toward optimizing college recreational and wellness pursuits.

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