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Leadership Notes

You too can be a NIRSA leader

Diane Sylofski

We are deep into the fall semester, and even though you may already be preparing for final papers or exams, don't forget about the experiential learning opportunities that are so beneficial to securing the job you want. These opportunities are personally enriching and often life-changing. So see what's in your toolbox, and realize that you have what it takes to be a NIRSA leader.

NIRSA Committees and Work Teams need student input. That's why one or two students serve on most of the committees. If you are a NIRSA Student Member, log onto the NIRSA website to browse the committees and work teams. (Please contact NIRSA Membership Coordinator Sadie Hartshorn at if you are unsure how to log in with your email address.) After browsing the committees, contact the appropriate committee chair if you are interested in learning more. When applying for committee membership, you are given the option to indicate a preference for three committees. Consider choosing committees for which you have an expertise, but are not given the opportunity to work with as part of your position within Campus Recreation. For example, I work in Fitness, but have a strong background in Aquatics, so the Aquatics Committee might be a beneficial committee for me.

Last year's Student Leadership Team suggested that the Regional Student Representative nomination deadline be extended to February 1, 2008 in order to reach more potential candidates. If you haven't had a chance to speak with your Regional Student Representative already, please feel free to contact them to learn more about this position.

If you are looking to work with NIRSA Student Members, consider standing for student office. Regional Student Representatives serve on the NIRSA Student Leadership Team to develop goals and initiatives to be carried out throughout the academic year. As a Regional Student Representative you are given the opportunity to learn more about the operations of a large professional organization; to offer input to the National Student Representative to relay to the NIRSA Board of Directors; and to act as a representative of the students within each region, just to name a few. To learn more about this opportunity, please contact your Regional Student Representative and/or study the Regional Student Representative Qualifications and Responsibilities. And don't forget the February 1, 2008 deadline! The nomination application can be filled out online.

In order for NIRSA to be a successful association, we must have strong student leadership. Consider this your opportunity to make a difference; to positively affect other students; to guide the decision-making process of the organization; and to prepare yourself within this field or any other field. I had to miss my English seminar recently for the mid-year Board of Directors meeting. My professor asked me what sort of issues we would be discussing. After I responded, he said, "Sounds like the sort of things we're discussing in the Humanities." NIRSA's influence is widespread, and your involvement can prepare you for any profession. I look forward to reviewing your nomination!

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