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 December 2007/January 2008 • NIRSA news and information
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Conference & Expo

A new and improved focus on...poster presentations!

By the 2008 Program Committee

Poster presentations* are an important way of sharing information at the Annual Conference. The Program Committee went above and beyond to recruit a wide variety of high quality poster presentations this year, and their efforts have paid off: the 2008 Annual Conference will feature a record number of poster sessions!

There is both breadth and depth to the '08 poster line-up: there will be more than 40 sessions covering more than 15 different topic areas. And this year the poster presentations will be displayed in a common area so attendees can view them anytime throughout the Conference. All session titles will be printed in the Annual Conference program brochure, and presenters will be requested to be available during posted times so attendees can ask questions.

A snapshot of the varied offerings:

  • Promoting Wellness through Sustainable Design
  • Measuring Student Outcomes in Campus Recreation
  • SODP Soccer Committee's 2007 NIRSA Survey Results
  • A One-Day Recreational Experience for Children with Special Needs
  • Academics, Sponsors, and You: A New Twist on Collaboration
  • Identification of Lifetime Recreational & Fitness Interests among College Students
  • Safe Return Personal Training Program: from Injury to Recovery
  • Creating Student Professional Development Opportunities
  • Rec-u-cation, or What Collegiate Recreational Sports Brings to Higher Education

Look for more Conference program highlights in upcoming issues of the Know.

*Are you unfamiliar with poster presentations? These sessions literally have the presentation material posted on a bulletin board so Conference attendees can view the information when convenient.
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