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 November 2007 • NIRSA news and information
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NIRSA Governance Commission progress

A summary of the Commission's activities to date and their plans for the future

The Governance Commission (GC) has been diligent in exploring complex issues in a detailed and thorough manner. The efforts have included:

  • GC members participated in a full-day retreat with an outside consultant, Bud Crouch, to discuss and define the issues. (June 2007)
  • President Kirch, with input from the Board of Directors, appointed 24 NIRSA Members to a Young Leaders Advisory Group and 26 NIRSA Members to a Peer Advisory Review Team. Great effort was made to balance experience, regional affiliation, and demographic diversity. (July 2007)
  • Conducted an online survey and four teleconferences with the Young Leaders (August 2007) about various governance issues, including:
    • barriers to standing for office
    • effectiveness of the current candidate recruitment process
    • understanding of board roles and responsibilities
    • feedback on leadership training that is, or should be, provided by NIRSA
    • specific training areas essential to being an informed elected officer
    • the role of committees
    • opportunities for giving input about decisions facing the Association
  • Prepared an initial NIRSA Governance Commission Objectives chart to highlight areas of focus; shared the document with the membership via the NIRSA Know. (September 2007)
  • GC members participated in an audio/web program, The Governance Task Force: Transforming Your Board of Directors, offered by the American Society of Association Executives and The Center for Association Leadership. (September 2007)
  • Conducted individual interviews with 12 members of the Council of Higher Education Management Associations (CHEMA) about their governance models and practices. The interview questions included both opinion-oriented and specific data-driven queries. The final report will include aggregate information from all interviews. (September 2007)
  • Conducted two online surveys with the Peer Advisory Review Team about various governance issues (September/October 2007), including:
    • basic tenets of a good governance structure
    • committee structure and processes
    • Board of Directors structure and processes
  • Conducted 13 GC teleconference meetings. (July - October 2007)
  • Presented the "Basic Tenets" to the NIRSA Board of Directors; received their support on the document. (October 2007)

Future activities

  • Share "Basic Tenets," process, and timeline with the membership.
  • Conduct follow-up conversations with the NIRSA Board, Peer Advisory Review Team and Young Leaders to begin developing a plan.
  • Actively and continuously engage NIRSA Members in the dialogue regarding the process and any proposed changes.
  • Make a recommendation to the Board of Directors. (anticipated December 2007)
  • Conduct town hall meeting(s) at the 2008 Annual Conference regarding NIRSA Board governance structure. (April 2008)

Governance Commission

Mick Deluca, UCLA
Tom Dison, The University of Texas at Austin
Tony Clements, University of Illinois
Kathleen Hatch, Washington State University
Sam Hirt, Vanderbilt University
George Brown, University of Alabama
Maureen McGonagle, DePaul University

Young Leaders
Region I
Earl Cabellon, University of Maryland
Kevin George, Rowan University
Shomari Kee, George Washington University
Dirron Allen, Towson University
Region II
Kacy Toberg, Georgia State University
Justin Ford, University of North Carolina
Pam Hightower, University of Florida
Julie Schuldt Hutt, University of South Carolina
Region III
Amy Jo Jenkins, Central Michigan University
Andy Milton, St. Ambrose University
Joy Polkabla Byers, Youngstown State University
Demond Pryor, Central Michigan University
Region IV
Kenny Norris, Stephen F. Austin State University
Sal Giani, The University of Texas at San Antonio
Autumn Johnson, Tulane University
Jill Urkoski, University of Kansas
Region V
Erin Patton, Nebraska Wesleyan
Joe Book, University of Wyoming
Mike Widen, University of Iowa
Region VI
Linda Clauss, Stanford University
Tiffany Lundy, University of Oregon
Kate Florman, Northern Arizona University
Lisa Stuppy, Boise State University
Alex Accetta, Portland State University
Peer Advisor Group
Region I
Patti Bostic, University of Connecticut
Steve Young, Temple University
Jocelyn Hill, American University
Tim Moore, MIT
Region II
Sid Gonsoulin, University of Southern Mississippi
Laura Walling, Mississippi State University
Cindy Hardy, University of North Carolina at Greensboro
Mitch Gartenberg, University of Georgia
Bill Healey, University of West Florida
Region III
Matt Specht, Northeastern Illinois University
Stan Shingles, Central Michigan University
Lori Stettler, Southern Illinois University
Greg Jordan, Oakland University
Region IV
Dennis Corrington, Texas A&M University
Jenn Speer, The University of Texas at Austin
Troy Vaughn, Southeast Missouri State University
Steve Kintigh, Texas Christian University
Paul Wilson, University of Oklahoma
Region V
Loretta Capra, Colorado State University
Leah Hall Dorothy, University of Alberta
Jim Turman, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities
Wayne Morford, Creighton University
Region VI
Juliette Moore, University of Arizona
John Campbell, University of California, Davis
Eric Stein, Stanford University
Dennis Munroe, University of Oregon

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