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Suggestions for submitting a presentation proposal

The Program Committee wants you to step up and present in Austin in 2008

High quality educational sessions are important to the success of the Annual Conference, and the Program Committee is committed to offering a slate of educational sessions that is both high in quality and comprehensive in breadth and depth. 

So what does this mean to you? Every member can contribute to the success of the Annual Conference, because although every proposal cannot be accepted, having a large selection of high-quality presentation proposals strengthens the final conference schedule. 

The 2008 Program Committee is being intentional about the program offerings:

  • Committees have been asked to identify topics and speakers and then actively encourage those speakers to submit presentation proposals. 
  • Helpful hints for submitting a presentation proposal have been posted on the NIRSA website.
  • Specialty committee members will be invited to participate in the review process to ensure expert feedback.
  • The selection process will place a priority on ensuring an equitable balance of topics. 
  • A new offering – workshops – will be offered this year to give members a more in-depth look at chosen topic areas; topics for 2008 include outdoor, small/community colleges, family/youth, and technology.

But we also need your help. If you have knowledge or experience that would benefit others, please consider submitting a presentation proposal for the 2008 NIRSA Annual Conference. Proposals are available online; the deadline is Friday, July 13.

If you have ever thought that more sessions were needed in a particular topic area, then consider submitting a proposal or encouraging a noted expert to submit.

If you have ever felt that nothing on the schedule appealed to you, then perhaps it is time for you to learn and grow by sharing your knowledge and experience with others.

If you have ever thought that it was time for you to give back to your NIRSA colleagues, then consider submitting a presentation proposal.

Will you choose to contribute?

2008 Program Committee Leaders: Dave DeAngelo, Maureen McGonagle, Jenn Speer
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