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Maureen McGonagle
Leadership Notes

What every member should do: make your voice heard

There are a variety of ways that you can make a difference in NIRSA, and certainly your level of involvement will depend on your skills, your interests, and your priorities. But there are also several ways that you, and all members, should make a difference in NIRSA.

Be an informed voter

Soon you will have the opportunity to vote for the new leadership of our association. Will you take the time to learn about the candidates by reading their position statements, reading their biographies, and talking with colleagues? Will you review the qualifications and responsibilities of the positions? The information is at your fingertips, but will you take advantage?

Whether you are a student in your first year of NIRSA membership or a professional with over 20 years experience, please positively make an impact on NIRSA by being an informed voter.

Tell us what you value and expect from NIRSA

A comprehensive membership survey, last conducted in 1995, will be sent to all NIRSA members on March 6. It is immensely important to accurately determine member needs and satisfaction with services, as the Board of Directors and the NIRSA National Center staff will be using the information gathered to help determine future direction and priorities. Will you give NIRSA valuable feedback by completing the survey?

Help the Vice Presidents improve

For the first time, our regional vice presidents will be evaluated. The primary purpose is to provide the VPs with developmental information, but the process also provides a measure of accountability. This survey will be administered after the vice presidents’ first year in office (Regions II, IV, and VI this year), and will be sent to members of the vice presidents’ respective regions and to other members who work directly with these VPs (e.g., committee chairs, BOD members). Will you participate in the process? Note: this pilot program, if successful, may be expanded to other BOD members and leadership positions.

Thank you

As always, there are many members who deserve special thanks for their efforts. Some of these folks include:

  • Demond Pryor, Oakland University, for coordinating (for the third time!) the Emerging Recreational Sports Leaders Conference; kudos also to Silas Steele for hosting the event at Xavier University.
  • Jen Young, Central Michigan University, for coordinating the 20th Region III Lead On Workshop, which attracted a record-setting 346 participants; kudos also to Stacey Hall and the Indiana University staff for hosting the conference.  
  • Jessica Ward, Rutgers University, for leading the planning efforts of an impressive New Jersey workshop; it was the first organized state workshop for New Jersey, and drew approximately 70 participants.
  • Shelley Fried, Mount Royal College, and Ian Munn, University of Calgary, for coordinating the Western Canadian Campus Recreation Conference; thanks also to Vicki Highstreet, Region V Vice President, and Tom Kirch, President-elect, for dusting off their passports so they could participate!

For every person mentioned there was another handful of volunteers assisting in the efforts; please take the time to thank your colleagues for their efforts on your behalf!

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