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NCCSTales from a CGA Local Qualifier host school

Part of the National Campus Championship Series

It would be generous to say that I knew much about golf until roughly three years ago when I involved myself with the Collegiate Golf Alliance (CGA). Furthermore, it is safe to say that unless a triple-digit score for nine holes is reputable, I’m not much of a golfer either. However, lack of knowledge or skill did not deter our University from hosting a successful CGA Local Qualifier golf tournament. What is a CGA Local Qualifier? It’s the opportunity for student, staff, faculty or alumni from your campus to represent your university at the National Collegiate Golf Championship Tournament in Las Vegas.

The idea of involving our student and campus community in an event where they interact with all levels of the totem pole, support NIRSA and offer an all-expenses-paid trip to Las Vegas was enough to sell us on hosting a tournament. So, in August 2004 we dusted off our keyboards from the long summer, logged on to, perused through the Tournament Director Guide, and scheduled our event. Then on November 5, 2004 we headed out for the inaugural shotgun. Fifty-one golfers, 26 carts, 128 balls, 236 tees, 4 sponsors, 2 snack stands, 7 tee signs, 5 hours and lots of laughs later, it was all over but the travel to Las Vegas. 

2006 will be the third year for CSUSB to host a qualifier, and the goal is to increase participation and sponsorship. This will be made possible with cross-campus marketing and support, Alumni Association involvement, CGA online marketing assistance, campus expo (supported by CGA) and networking with vendors. We’ve been successful in offsetting our minimal costs by working closely with dealers and local merchants. Vendor support has also allowed us to provide a wide variety of raffle and game hole prizes. 

With the assistance of the CGA website and the exchange of ideas among other tournament directors, hosting is a minimal effort program with considerable positive impact for the students and other campus community members who participate. Many of the Local Qualifiers are taking place in the months of September and October. Check out the results page for up-to-date information.

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